Your Pregnancy Journey

Why is pregnancy the eighth wonder of the world is a question that only a mother can answer. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful creative processes and yet a great mystery. Imagine the 9-month-long road that the baby has to pass from the moment s/he is only a small cell until s/he becomes a child in flesh and blood. From this point of view, any mother is an artist. But the creation of beauty comes at a price, the baby needs special care from the moment he is conceived until s/he leaves his nest. His/her road is extremely complicated but fascinating and complex. As a pregnant woman it can become extremely difficult at times to cope with the rapid changes that are going on and to understand how much this process affects one’s life.

Pregnancy Journey and StagesPregnancy is usually divided into three trimesters, each lasting approximately three months. Each one of them comes with its unique challenges and requires special attention: The First Stage consists in a major shift in hormone balance and physical changes and it is the stage where the child is most vulnerable, the Second Stage is the calmest as the body adapts and the child accustoms with his/hers surroundings and finally the Third Stage is the most strenuous for the mother as delivery is approaching. Each trimester is covered in detail in the articles here.


Why You Need To Know All About Pregnancy

You have to understand that pregnancy is an absolutely normal and natural phenomenon and you can continue your regular activities during the 9 months period if you take the right cautions. Consider yourself a healthy woman, but in a special condition, which imposes a more careful way of life. This site is here to offer you assistance, to make you understand that you are now a privileged woman. It is very important though for you to have a medical supervisor, that can monitor you on a regular and efficient basis. Try not to be scared, there are thousands of pregnant women in the whole world at this moment. And yes, everything will be alright, as long as you respect the prescriptions you’ve been given ( have a proper diet, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, wear comfy clothes). This resource center was set up especially for women like you, so don’t hesitate to read on, to inform yourself and understand what pregnancy is all about.

Be Cautious But Enjoy Your Motherhood

Enjoy these nine months, accept the changes your body goes thru, talk to your baby and prepare for literally giving sense to the Miracle of Birth. Giving sense or acquiring a taste of purpose towards your experience is most of the time enough for a woman to accommodate into her experience as a mother. This is why it is for the best that you read and understand how to take care of you and your baby, what happens in these 9 months and what you can do to keep things on track and avoid problems. Our site, despite its complexity and quite extensive coverage is only the starting point. Inform yourself as best as possible and afterward act on this information after consulting with your doctor. It is not easy to have and raise a child, but is definitely the most extraordinary thing in the world.

Pregnancy 101’s Mission

Our site is dedicated educating women and their husbands about pregnancy. We understand that pregnancy is a very important time of a woman’s life. On this site, you will learn about the whole pregnancy process from the preconception stage, pregnancy stage, birth, and lastly to the postpartum stage. We will dispel a lot of pregnancy myths you might have heard about from your friends and family to eliminate all your fears and doubts about pregnancy.

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